Mind Power Techniques and Developing Clairaudience
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Mind Power Techniques and Developing Clairaudience

Psychic life is not easy. You spend half of your life convincing people that you are real. For every person who doesn't believe in ESP, there are many people out there who do. Unfortunately you don't have a reliable device to measure ESP. if there were such a device, one could eliminate the inadequate psychics from the good ones. Know some mind power techniques and how to develop clairaudience.

Psychic Life

Psychic life is not easy. You spend half of your life convincing people that you are real. For every person who doesn't believe in ESP, there are many people out there who do.

Unfortunately, you don't have a reliable device to measure ESP. If there were such a device, one could eliminate the inadequate psychics from the good ones. The main reasons psychic abilities can't be measured is that the whole basis of how it works deals with emotions and feelings.  For example,  one can't measure love. Psychic ability is based on emotions and feelings. There is no devices to measure emotions and feelings says a famous psychic.

Clairaudience Definition

One dictionary definition of clairaudience is "the act or power in mesmeric sounds that are not audible to the ear in the natural waking condition."

A psychic on the other hand define it as "the faculty of human intelligence that enables the conscious level of one's mind to receive communications by means of a spoken word from the supra conscious level of one's own mind or the mind of another person."

A psychic reveal that although clairaudience is an entirely different sort of phenomenon from either telepathy and clairvoyance it is frequently tied in with some telepathic message from the supra conscious. According to a book, Man the Unknown, at the present time, scientists who are concerned solely in the physical and chemical aspect of physiological process still look upon telepathy and other metaphysical phenomena as illusions.

Brain Mechanisms

Medical science has shown in recent years that telepathy, clairvoyance and clairaudience (mental "radio") are mechanisms of the human brain. Researchers have found that by probing the exposed surface of human brain with an electrical impulse, memory centers can be activated when electric currents are established.

The findings of these scientific experiments are obvious. Among many other hypotheses, researchers confirm the belief that the forces that make the human organism tick are electrochemical vibrations. It is this electrical force that makes telepathy, clairvoyance and clairaudience possible- much in the same way a radio, television and wireless telegraphy work.

Man and Beast

Meeting of minds between man and beast usually a common plot in some movies. There are numerous facts showing the power of the supra conscious of mankind over the "minds" of animals.  There is for example an experiment made in Paris shortly after the turn of the century. A young lady was hypnotized and placed in a cage of lions. She showed no conscious fear of the king of the beasts. The lions in turn paid not the slightest attention to her.  The young lady was not touched by the lions. 

The adepts of  India often display their powers by entering jungles infested by man-eating that an ordinary person would not remain alive for even a hour.  Yet they remain there through the night with no weapons of defense other than the God-given powers of their subjective mental attitudes says a researcher.

What is the explanation behind?  According to the author of How to Use the Gift of the Super sense, the subjective powers of primitive man were undoubtedly far superior than the beast. Before the development of objective means of communication, primitive men conveyed his ideas to his fellowman by telepathic means. As man developed the use of speech through countless generations, he ceased to use and finally lost his primitive power to communicate telepathically. This primitive power becomes the "hidden power."

Can Modern Man Utilize More of the "Hidden Power?"

According to a spiritual philosopher, yes, under well-defined conditions, this power can be exercise by any person of ordinary intelligence. The "hidden power" need not be hidden to you. It is within your grasp. It's benefit can be reaped now. All that is asked of you is understanding of the greatness and immensity of the Golden Gift. You must meditate. You must send yourself into the open space of deeper consciousness.  You must search out the power within yourself.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a process of visualizing the problem, the solution and the outcome of the solution of the problem but one must act immediately upon the solution once it is visualized. To researchers meditation is a process of cosmic empowerment using the power of the subconscious mind to manifest your desire.  From a great psychic follow this procedure on how to meditate:

How to meditate.  You need:

  • Quiet place.  Seek a quiet place where where you know you won't be disturb.
  • Listen.   Listen to guided meditation audio.
  • Relax your mind.  Relax your mind by sitting comfortably in a lotus position and relax your mind.
  • Close your eyes.  Close your eyes and imagine a white light entering your topmost of the head.
  • Imagine.  Imagine a bright white light slowly flowing within your bloodstream from the top of your head going all the way down to the different parts of your body. Imagine your whole body glowing with the bright white light.
  • Think. Think of spiritual power to help you find a solution to your problems and personal wishes.
  • Visualize.  Visualize step-by-step solutions. If it's problem, imagine and visualize the sources of problem. Visualize that the problem is resolved.
  • Give Thanks. Give thanks and slowly go back. Take a deep breath then slowly open your eyes.

According to a famous psychic, the 3 components of  the super sense are clairaudience, telepathy and clairvoyance. You can put to use these 3 components if you follow these simple rules:

Sixth sense.  Never disregard any single thought of the "hunch" or "sixth sense" variety. When it makes itself known to you, note it well.

Write down.  Write down all such thoughts on a small note pad. You should keep it with you at all times.

Turn to the thought. Before going to sleep at night, turn to the thought that you have during the day.

Meditate.  Meditate on them. Allow them to be retransmitted by your conscious to the supra conscious.

Record.  In the morning, reread the thoughts again.

Meditate again. Meditate in silence until your conscious mind brings to you the answer giving the worth of this matter as evaluated by your supra conscious.

Use it to the fullest.  Don't hesitate to use the wealth of this knowledge to the fullest.

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Thank you dear Jessie for this health article.

I had not heard of clairaudience before. This is interesting.