Why Enough's Never Enough
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Why Enough's Never Enough

The reason people on the whole can't reach a basic level or satisfaction or contentment in life.

Why is it that we humans always want more and more? I believe it is an innate part of our survival instinct. Just like early man faced unexpected periods of wanting for food and comfort, we too worry incessantly about the same conditions. We may not have to cower in fear over the threat of a mastodon or sabretooth tiger and volcanic activity has been on the down low for several millenia but uncertainty about the future has always made a desire more. There is also a competitive drive that most of us possess making us strive to outdo one another or at least our past results.

A third factor is the paternal/maternal instinct we have to provide for our children and making sure there needs are met. None of these reasons are immoral and unjustified. We can take anything to an extreme certainly. We are still basically "animals" and like to protect our territory. It's only natural that we would crave as large a territory as possible. It is this desire that has prompted man since early days to explore and expand his surrounding. It is the same reason Mr. and Mrs. Jones are always adding on or buying larger homes while we, the neighbors, scramble to keep up. Because of the sacrifices of our ancestors, it is natural for people to want to reap the benefits of prior generations. This too has historically been the case. One can find cultures throughout the world that have stagnated perhaps or maybe just found a level of contentment in their part of the world. However most civilizations have tried to expand their boundaries and knowledge by one means or another.

One can look at several billionaires in our own society who certainly don't want for anything and should be content but they still have a stirring in their soul pressing them toward greater wealth and accomplishment. It was this drive that put them where they are in the first place often creating jobs and providing for others along the way, so how can we be critical for their success which ultimately benefits so many. There are so many sad tales of poor people winning a large sum in a state lottery, enough to be comfortable the rest of their life yet they go overboard with this new-found wealth and very shortly are back to their original poor economic position if not worse. It is this part of our nature that makes credit card companies so prosperous. We always want that immediate gratification because we all fear that tomorrow may never come.

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